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December 27, 2015

The new year is less than five days away, so I have decided to start one of my resolutions early: getting organized. It is about time that I get all my things in order. I could say it’ll be a new year and a new me, but it’ll just be an improved (and hopefully more efficient) version.

I have stocked up on some supplies, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. Every sassy and classy stylish woman needs some cute accessories, so of course I decided to feature some of my favorite pieces of jewelry also. All of these are perfect for the woman you are, and they are almost just as fun and fabulous.


These adorable light pink file folders with gold-foil print are a necessity for the workspace. is spot-on, we are very busy women.  The files come in packages of six –  three with the quote on the front, and three with the grid pattern. And when you open up the folders, it says “Is It Friday Yet?” just to remind you that the weekend will come. They come with four blank labels, but also six fun ones that say “Dance Moves, Ex-Boyfriends, Getaways, Spells, Dreams, and Really Good Ideas”. I could not think of more perfect, humorous desk accessories for us sassy ladies.



As your day goes along, you may need to make some notes to yourself, mark an important page, or doodle (you know you want to). These sticky notes are perfect for all of that. They’re not plain and boring, so they add some fun to your workday. Time to whistle while you work and leave boredom in 2015.



I’m not saying you have a bad memory, but sometimes it can get a little difficult trying to remember all the things you need to get done. (Especially for me, I’m very easily distracted). This handy-dandy notepad is lined and has boxes to check off all your tasks as you go on putting in some serious work. You can also write down your shopping list or New Year’s resolutions if you want to start checking your goals off. It fits perfectly in basically every purse (except super small clutches) so you can keep it with you at all times. It’s hand-painted and also has gold-foil print on it telling you to “Do something awesome”, which you will because you’re the queen of awesome – duh. It’s on sale for $8 from BCBGeneration. You can’t beat that.



Deadlines, meetings, flights? No worries when you have a super cute watch like this one from Michael Kors. You won’t miss a thing because you won’t want to keep your eyes off of it. Every time you look at your wrist the pavé world map on your wrist will remind you that the world is yours, so go conquer it. As a wise woman once said: “Who run the world? Girls.” – Beyoncé.

Pearls are a girls best friend, let’s be real. Diamonds are too far out of my price range at this point, so I’ll stick to cultured pearls. And you can never have too many pearls, so why not get 100 inches of them? You can play with this necklace as much as you please, because it can go on all different ways as both a necklace and bracelet. You could wear this necklace everyday and people wouldn’t suspect you’re re-wearing them. They’re just that versatile and fun. Pearls can take you from day to night quickly and efficiently too – and we all could use some little extra time in our day. I got mine from Macy’s. Pair your pearls with these gold bow earrings from Lilly Pulitzer to stay looking classy and a little bit (or a whole lotta) sassy.


See Something You Like? Get it Here:
File Folders from

Sticky Note Set from

Hand-Painted To-Do List from BCBGeneration

Layton Goldtone Pavé World Map Dial Watch from Michael Kors

100″ Cultured Freshwater Pearls from Macy’s

Gold Bow Earrings from Lilly Pulitzer


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday full of good food, good memories, and good people. It’s always sad when the holidays end, but I am so excited to ring in the new year with you! Don’t forget: if you subscribe via email by December 30th, you’ll receive a very special gift from me. I know you’ll love it, so don’t miss out!


Thanks for reading, darling!

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