Haute Mess

December 21, 2015

First Thing’s First

Blogging is one of my passions. Sharing style tips, outfit inspiration, and lifestyle tips is something I find meaning in. My goal through this blog is to help ALL women, young and old, to find confidence and love for themselves. I hope if you’re reading this, you have a desire for these things. However, if you’re only here for fashion, I hope you find this blog to give you inspiration in all areas of life, not just style inspiration.

This May Get a Little Messy

Balancing two jobs, classes, and Avant Garment – which I consider my “third job” – is difficult at times, but all of these things are so incredibly important to me. As you may know, I am in my last year of high school, and “adult” life is still a little foreign to me. I have a long way to go to find balance in my own life, and I believe balance is something we all struggle to find at times – so you can probably relate. Avant Garment will continue to grow, just as you and I will grow. I am still learning, and I will never cease to continue doing so. As I learn, and as both myself and this blog grow, I hope you will stay with me – through the good AND the bad (because I am nowhere near perfect, and mistakes are bound to happen). I’ll be the first to admit I can get overwhelmed with obligations and I can be a little bit of an unorganized hot mess sometimes, but we all have those days, don’t we? I always try to find a way to handle my messy days like a “haute” mess, instead. I’m always trying to maintain some elegance when I trip and fall flat on my face, whether that fall be figurative or a real-life occurrence (which happens quite a lot honestly). Luckily, us big girls know not to cry over spilled milk – or spilled Starbucks – we simply clean up the mess and move on.

Avant Garment Is All About Risky Business

Avant Garment is about being ahead of the game, as “avant garde” would imply – by now, you’ve probably caught on to this play on words. It is also about constant growth and movement in style and in life, to avoid complacency and comfortability. By comfortability, I mean that staying away from your “comfort zone” is how change and growth can have opportunity to occur. as I have said before in previous posts, and as I have learned through experiences. To become the person you want to be, you have to take risks – not life-threatening or potentially hazardous risks – but risks of vulnerability or possible failure. This blog is one of those risks I am taking. I may fail sometimes, or mess up, but I can only learn and grow from these events. Here, I am putting myself out on the internet in a vulnerable, brutally honest light – if you ever meet me in person (which I would absolutely love!) you’ll find I am the same in real life. I am probably way too honest about myself, my dreams, and my experiences, but in a good way. I am so honest because I want you to gain some wisdom or knowledge from me. I only strive to be a person who can help you to become your very best. I hope you can appreciate my honesty and openness to help yourself learn something from both the good, bad, and silly aspects of myself. If you don’t learn anything from every post, I hope you can at least find some cute outfits or good (or so awful that it’s good) humor to make you laugh.

Tell Me How You Really Feel

Your feedback is important in my process of learning and growing through Avant Garment, so feel free to comment as you please. I would also enjoy getting to know each of you so feel free to contact me via the contact page here on my website or via social media.

Stay Updated

I’ll be seeing you far more often, and I hope you’ll enjoy this new consistency and frequency better than simply once a week. Be sure to subscribe and give me a follow via my social media icons at the top and bottom of this page to stay up to date and see posts from my day-to-day life!

You are all very important to me, and thank you so much for sticking with me as I learn and as Avant Garment changes and grows. Things may get a little messy, but I hope you choose to continue to follow me along this journey. Embrace your days of being a haute mess, because I will too. Us real girls are perfectly imperfect, and proud of it.


From one haute mess to another,

Shannon M.


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