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Due to FTC’s guidelines regarding online advertising and my own ethical standards, it is important that I don’t hide anything from you. Bloggers need to make a living, too. So here is important information about links, ads, and what Avant Garment does:

  • Avant Garment displays affiliate ads on this website and does receive a monetary commission for purchases and/or clicks made through these affiliate ads.
  • Avant Garment may at times post sponsored links and reviews. I will inform you directly of when posts contain sponsored material.
  • Sponsored reviews are not in any way affected by the money at hand. I will post honestly, openly, and be as blunt as always – even if the truth hurts.
  • I will only post on Avant Garment about items/brands I have tried or used before, because no one likes hearing “liar, liar, pants on fire” (Oh, the childhood memories…).

This blogger doesn’t compromise the truth for a single payday, or anything else for that matter. 


Privacy Policy

Avant Garment will NEVER EVER share any of your information with any third-parties.

SPAM is not cute, but you totally are.



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