Avant Garment: What You Need To Know

Who?     Avant Garment by Shannon McClelland. I am an 18 year-old Midwestern girl from Springfield, MO. I am a current high school senior (graduating this May!). I am not a real blonde, but I am a very real person. I am blatantly honest – no secrets here! If you want to know something, just ask! I love people, fashion, psychology, and philosophy. I meditate regularly and have experienced great benefits from doing so. I also drink a whole lot of coffee to keep me energized through school, working two jobs, and running this blog. I tutor college students, and I work as a sales associate at BCBGMaxAzria in the Dillard’s here in my hometown. My aspirations include helping others, getting a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and becoming a personal stylist.

What?    Blog for the innovate thinkers, fashion enthusiasts, and everyone else. There is no specific, pre-determined type of person who should read this blog. Avant Garment is for all.

When?    2-3 times a week. This will increase as time goes on when I fully get into the groove of balancing all my priorities (This is very high on that list!)

Why?     To help you look good and live fully. You deserve to be the best you can be, to spoil yourself a little, and to feel confident about who you are and how you are living. I firmly believe that it is important to look your best and feel your best. These two factors have both psychological benefits (better grades on tests and more confidence!) and professional benefits in many career fields.

How?    Posts about style, lifestyle, advice, and the occasional travel post. This blog is here to give you ideas for: making professional attire look less boring, getting creative with your outfits, thinking outside the box, living a happier life, and loving yourself more.


Questions/Comments? Sponsoship or Collaboration Inquiries?

Contact me at avantgarment@outlook.com OR hop on over to the Contact page

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